Your Hand on the Strings of my Heart - CD

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Artist: Various Artists
Albums: Your Hand on the Strings of my Heart
Genre: Praise & Worship
Number of CDs: 1

Description:The blended sounds of Russian balalaika and Spanish guitar that fill this beautiful CD will surely delight the listener.
The performers’ desire is that their music, played skillfully on stringed instruments, will touch the strings of the listeners’ hearts.
Just as the Old and New Testament are woven together, so on this CD, Israeli praise songs to the God of Israel intertwine with New Testament hymns to glorify the One True God, as king David praised Him when he said:
“Truly my soul waiteth upon God: from him cometh my salvation”(Psalm 62:1)


1.Who is the Man / Blue & White (colors of Israel) / Hevenu Schalom Aleichem (We bring you peace)

2.The Fig Tree / Only Mother will Pray – Russian
3.Hineh Mah Tov u Mah Naim (How Good and Pleasant it is for Brethren to Dwell together) / Let us See Jerusalem
4.Willow / There, High in the Heaven - Russian
5.Adon Ha Kavod (Lord of Glory) / Gol al Adonai Darkecha (Commit Your Way to the Lord)/ This is the Day that the Lord has made
6.Your Hand on the Strings of my Heart / Prayer (Gebet) / Praise the Lord

7.Yiddische Mama (Jewish Mother) / Yismechu ha Schamaim (Let the Heavens Rejoice)
8.V'Haer Eineinu (Enlighten Our Eyes) / Todah al Kol Mah sh'Barata (Thank You for All You Have Made) / Oseh Shalom (He Will Bring Peace to Israel)

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