“Carmel” style Biblical sandals

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From Judea & Samaria

A sturdy sandal with separated toe will keep your feet cool on any adventure you take them on. (The color of the sandals may vary.)

Authentic, biblical-style sandals provide an organic touch to a contemporary urban wardrobe, direct from the Holy Land. Exodus tells us that the sandals of the Children of Israel did not wear out when then wandered in the desert for 40 years. Try these and see!

Ach'av sent word to all the people of Isra'el and assembled the prophets together on Mount Karmel. (1 Kings 18:20)

Sizes: 7/ 8½ – 12/14

Europe US
39 7
40 9
41 8
42 10
43 9 10½
44 10 12
45 11 13
46 12 14

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