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CD "Music from the Holy Land"

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Instrumental music from the Holy Land.

Beautiful melodies of a composer and musician Amos Barzel reflect his feelings for the Land of Israel, his admiration of its history and the significance of the spiritual heritage that can be witnessed in the land until today.

14 Songs

1. Desert Flower
2. You are my everything
3. Jerusalem Celebration
4. Love this Land
5. The Girl in Blue
6. Everything reminds me of her
7. Song
8. Waves
9. Once upon a Dream
10. David's Song
11. Love without Words
12. Maybe
13. Rainbow
14. Emotions

Amos Barzel

Amos Barzel is a musician, composer, singer, guitarist and record producer.

He started his professional musical career as a singer and instrumentalist in the Israel Air Force Orchestra where he was also in command of a singing group. After his army service he went into record production.

Amos Barzel has also composed numerous songs for such popular Israeli singers as Yardena Arazi, Ruhama, Shimi Tavori and very many others.

Amos Barzel's music can be heard daily on general and educational television.

Nowadays Amos Barzel is active in producing musical army shows and educational programmes for children.

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