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The Biblical use of the Tallit

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Dr. Rick Kurnow does an excellent job in explaining the symbolism of the tallit, the meaning of the tzizit, and the purpose of the blue thread (the "techelet") which is woven into the tzitzit.

The tallit is a four-corned garment with tzitzit on each of the corners. It is a symbol of Judaism that is worn by Jewish men when they pray in order to fulfill the Law (Deut. 22:12). Tzitzit are also worn by religious men everyday (generally under their clothes) to remind them to keep the Law of God.

We know from the Scriptures that Jesus Himself wore a tallit when He walked the earth. Today many believing Jews use a tallit during prayer and times of worship as a reminder that through Yeshua's life all of the Law was fulfilled (Matt. 5:17).

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