Praise to Our God (CD)

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This CD is a true labor of love from believers in the Land of Israel. The songs on this CD are new Messianic worship songs that are the product of the music conference at Moshav Yad Hasmonah, a community of believers living outside Jerusalem, and an extensive refining process. Listen to a few of the selections below!

Artist: Various
Album (name): Praise to Our God
Genre: Messianic Worship
Jacket Text: Hebrew & English
Release date: 2005
Number of CDs: 1
Label: Pavilion Jerusalem


1. We will go up

2. Yeshua, Let your kingdom come
3. He is the light of the world
4. Whoever calls
5. Yes, Yeshua
6. How lovely
7. Holy are you

8. With all my heart
9. Yeshua’s love
10. Pastures among the lilies

11. He has given me

12. I cry aloud to the lord
13. He dwells in Zion
14. Yeshua, Precious lord
15. For god so loved


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