Praise to Our God V. 3 (CD)

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Praise to our God Volume 3 is the latest released CD from the Praise to Our God set.

This CD contains Modern Hebrew worship songs performed by believers at the Pavilion in Jerusalem. The Pavilion is the meeting place of King of Kings Assembly, a believing congregation in the heart of Jerusalem.

The songs on this CD are new Messianic worship songs that are written and arranged by believers in Yeshua in the Land of Israel. Listen to a few of the selections below!

You will not be disappointed with the quality and depth of these songs.

Artist: Various
Album (name): Praise to Our God V.3
Genre: Messianic Worship
Jacket Text: Hebrew & English
Release date: 2009
Number of CDs: 1
Label: Pavilion Jerusalem


1. Give thanks

2. Psalm 113
3. Yeshua is King
4. Who can stand before you
5. Your love

6. You give me peace
7. Be exalted my lord
8. Throne of mercy

9. And you will answer me
10. I will exalt your name with all my heart

11. How excellent is your name
12. There’s a peace beyond the sky
13. To your house
14. Gates of heaven
15. May the lord bless you
16. May the lord bless and keep you

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