Songs of Passover

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This CD contains Modern and traditional Hebrew Passover songs.
The songs on this CD are new and old songs with a new tune tone to them.
The songs contain knowledge regarding the Passover Seder and joyful songs to sing along with.

Album Name: Songs of Passover for children
Genre: Traditional Jewish
Release date: 2002
Number of CDs: 1
Label: Steimatzky Group

Listen to a few of the selections below!


1. Great joy - שמחה לי

2. I Holyday - חג לי
3. What has changed? - ?מה נשתנה
4. When Israel left Egypt – בצאת ישראל ממצרים
5. Enough - דיינו

6. Slaves we were – עבדים היינו
7. Rejoice and be happy – שישו ושימחו
8. Standing – והיא שעמדה
9. One who knows? - ?אחד מי יודע
10. Four brothers – ארבעה אחים
11. Chad Gadya - חד גדיא
12. Moses box – משה בתיבה
13. Elijah the prophet – אליהו הנביא

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