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Galilean fruit liqueur "Passion Fruit"

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Discover the secrets of the Galilee - a magical region with untamed views, quaint villages, ancient churches, winding alleys, Colorful markets, vineyards, oil presses, and farmers' fields.

It's an exciting meeting point between cultures, nations, and religions. In which people work the land with their hands and uncover the secrets of the Galilee.

Galilee's are proud to present the very best of the Galilee- an authentic series of selected products created by hand, produced from the land, and harvested from nature. Enjoy the spirit of the Galilee in each and every product.

Jesus spent most of his ministry around the Sea of Galilee, also known as the Lake of Gennesaret or Sea of Tiberias. This fresh inland lake is about five miles wide and twelve miles ling. The Jordan river both flows into the lake from Mount Hermon and out to the Dead Sea. Jesus' first disciples were Galilean fisherman, Simon Peter, Andrew, James and John, came from Bethsaida near the sea (Mark 1:16,19). The gospel tells us that Jesus took up residence at Capernaum on the shore of Galilee not far from Bethsaida. Many of Jesus' miracles including the multiplication of the loaves and fishes take place in Galilee.

100 ml/3.4 fl. oz
14,3 % Alcohol

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