Passover Haggada

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The Jewish people celebrate their deliverance from slavery through the eight days of the spring festival, Passover. During the Passover meal (seder), prayers and stories are read from the Hagadda.

The focus of Passover is to retell the story of the children of Israel being brought out of Egypt by the powerful hand of God with signs and wonders as recorded in Exodus 1-15.

The Haggada is a book that combines the biblical text from the book of Exodus along with prayers, songs, and wisdom from the Rabbis that give order to the first evening of Passover. Scripture, prayers, and songs are interwoven throughout the meal in an orderly way as the pages are read.

Use this beautiful Haggadah, illustrated with the cup left for Elijah, to guide you through your seder meal with friends and family to remember the deliverance that God has provided for the sons of Israel and how He still acts on our behalf today.


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