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GoFix Relax Inner Soles and a FREE Foot Cream

This Product Was Discontinued!

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Sku:   GWS044

Get the "walking on clouds" experience with the new GoFix inner soles.

GoFix Relax are integrated air cushions that mold to the shape of your foot and nestles them perfectly.

GoFix Relax alleviates stress significantly during walking with special gel latex cushion under the heel and under the metatarsals.

GoFix Relax give your feet an incredibly comfortable floating sensation and maximum walking comfort .

GoFix Relax significantly reduces pain in the soles of the feet by their shock-absorbing effect.

GoFix Relax insoles are available in the following sizes:

Europe US
35-363 ½-4 ½5-6
37-38 5-6 6 ½-7 ½
39-40 7-7 ½8 ½-9
41-42 8-8 ½ 9 ½-10
43-449-1010 ½-12

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