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After six years - and a plague of locusts in between – we finally presented our first red wine to those that invested in our Israel vineyards!

At the beginning of April, we sent out bottles of red wine to those who trusted in us and helped us plant a vineyard in the desert six years ago, in order to make the desert bloom. The vineyards are situated close to the Biblical location of Kadesh Barnea, where the children of Israel once stayed. This part of the desert later became the home of the tribe of Simeon inside the territory of the tribe of Judah.

The vines grew for four years under difficult conditions until they could finally be harvested in the summer of 2012. They survived sand storms, heat waves, irrigation with saline groundwater and even a plague of locusts in the spring of 2012. The wine ripened for 18 months in exquisite oak barrels. Our friends can now enjoy what started in 2008 with little cuttings, big hopes.

Through all the difficulties and challenges, with God’s help we managed not to give up and deliver, as promised, the unique red wine to our friends first.

You can also participate in planting a vineyard and enjoy the fruits of your own vineyards in three years!


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