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Christmas Fare

Name Tag in Hebrew block letters - Sterling Silver

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A stylish personalized sterling silver necklace with your name!
This stunning piece of jewelry is the perfect gift for any occasion : baptism, a birthday, a wedding gift or a treat to do yourself. This pendant is simply unique!

Please ensure that your order includes the following details:

  • The name tag can be ordered up to a maximum of 9 letters.
  • This name tag can be ordered in 5 different lengths - 35cm (child), 40cm (teen), 45cm (standard adult), 50cm (medium-long adult) & 55cm (long adult)

Special orders can be accommodated in solid 14k gold. Price quotations available by phone from the US & Canada on 1-866-854-1684 (toll free) from the UK 00-800-6070-7060 (toll free).


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