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Messianic Seal

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What dies The Messianic Seal depict?: Christianity's and Judaism's co-existence!

The seven-branched Menorah
It stood in the Tabernacle (Exodus 2 from 25.31 to 40) and later in the Temple in Jerusalem. It is the official emblem of the State of Israel since 1948.

The Star of David
Symbolized in the National Flag of Israel and represents the two triangular shields of David interlocked. This symbol, has been known since the 7th century BC

The fish
The ancient secret sign of the early Christian believers.

The Messianic Seal combines all three of these symbols together into a single unit. The sign was discovered on pottery fragments dating from the 1st century AD.

Gold Filled. Approx. 3.4 cm x 1.1 cm

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