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I Am Certain - CD

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Would you like to see and come closer to God like a child?
Want to bring your children or grandchildren the the love of God?
Then this Hebrew children's praise CD is just the thing for you!
17 deep and meaningful songs for young and old!
With all words transliterated on the inlay, you can sing along as well...

  1. My son, do not forget my law
  2. Meditate on these things
  3. Together
  4. Love
  5. God is love
  6. I am certain
  7. Trust in the Lord
  8. Do everything
  9. Let all that you do
  10. Children, obey your parents
  11. Do not be overcome by evil
  12. My son, hear the instruction of your father
  13. Do not worry about tomorrow
  14. For God has not given us
  15. You are the salt of the earth
  16. The fruit of the spirit
  17. Our father in heaven

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