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VALDENA Rooibos - Pomegranate Tea

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Our new VALDENA tea assortment is flavorsome and wholesome. All ingredients are organic and a boost to your health!

In South Africa Rooibos Tea is administered as a home remedy for stomach and intestinal cramps or externally for various skin problems. In fact, this healthy tea contains anti-spasmodic and soothing substances. The most interesting group of active ingredients in Rooibos are probably the anti-oxidative flavonoids that can delay ageing effects and degenerative diseases. Japanese scientists have found that Rooibos has been found to combat atherosclerosis, skin diseases, allergies, high blood pressure and diabetes. Pomegranate relieves excessive bleeding, sweating and hot flushes. Regular consumption increases its anti-inflammatory properties. It also accelerates healing and regeneration of tissue and mucous membranes.

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