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During Vacation Time - let us not forget the poor!

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"Jerusalem's city streets will be filled with boys and girls playing there." Zech. 8:5

"Children are joy, children are a blessing" - is so often sung in Israel.

Nevertheless, there are many Israeli children in need. Financial hardship, lack of security, emotional suffering, physical suffering...

Israel today has assumed the task of identifying affected children's groups and assisting them and bringing some pleasure into their lives.

Some of the things that we envisage for these groups. Buy new chairs for a kindergarten, giving art supplies like crayons and drawing paper, and distributing toys to disadvantaged children.

In short, through our actions we are trying to put a smile on their little faces and to light up their eyes. Where it is possible we will bring you either video or photographic coverage of our activities where we try and capture the appreciation, happiness and gratitude of the little ones.

All of our actions could only be achieved with your help.

Help us help the little ones and put a sparkle in their eyes!

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