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Ra'ashan - Purim Noisemaker

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Get your own Ra'ashan (noisemaker) for drowning out the name of the embodiment of evil during the reading of the Megillah on Purim.

A close observation reveals that there is a particular word in the text of the Megillah which triggers the clamorous response from the outrageously clad Purim worshippers. The word is "Haman." While Haman is the villain of the Purim story, in truth, he represents far more than one regime's attempt to destroy the Jewish people. Haman is a descendent of the Jewish nation's arch enemy, the people of Amalek. Ever since the Amalakite's first unprovoked attack on the Jews, during their journey to the promised land, Amalek and their descendants have been identified as the threat to the Jewish people's existence.


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