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Praise to our God Volume 5

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Praise to our God Volume 5 is the latest released CD from the "Praise to Our God" series.

This CD contains Modern Hebrew worship songs performed by believers at the Pavilion in Jerusalem. The Pavilion is the meeting place of King of Kings Community Jerusalem, a congregation in the heart of Jerusalem.

The songs on this CD are new Messianic worship songs that are written and arranged by believers in Yeshua in the Land of Israel. You will not be disappointed with the quality and depth of these songs.

Artist: Various
Album Name: Praise to our God 5
Genre: Messianic Worship
Jacket Text: Hebrew & English
Release date: 2015
Number of CDs: 1
Label: Pavilion Jerusalem


  1. Great is the Lord
  2. Unto Heaven
  3. Let us sing to the Lord
  4. Coming Back to You
  5. Worthy
  6. Be More Like Jesus
  7. You Were Chosen
  8. Here I am
  9. I will give You thanks
  10. Swallow up death
  11. Shout to the Lord all you lands
  12. Song of Ascents
  13. You Are Holy
  14. He Shall not slumber
  15. He who makes peace


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