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Gofix Wellness Latex Insole With Memory Gel

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Sku:   DSP009

Even after a long day on ones legs, the feet remain fresh and relaxed. These soles aid in giving you a better posture and more energy through their ergonomic nature! The antibacterial and moisture-absorbing properties of these insoles prevent unpleasant odors. The interior of the insole is made of latex gel with a memory function. After pressure has been applied, the memory function regains its original shape!

Made in black durable faux leather with 4.2 mm thick latex gel memory layer

GoFix Massage insoles are available in the following sizes:

Europe US
35-363 ½-4 ½5-6
37-38 5-6 6 ½-7 ½
39-40 7-7 ½8 ½-9
41-42 8-8 ½ 9 ½-10
43-449-1010 ½-12

Note: The color shades of the insoles may vary from that depicted.


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