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The Royal Balm Of Gilead Perfume

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A fine perfume of natural ingredients, made according to ancient methods. The royal perfume reinforces ancient fragrances and resurrects the glory of the past. The perfume is based on a unique blend of authentic plants from the Bible and the desert: Frankincense, Balm of Gilead and other plants.

5 ml

BIBLICAL OILS from the Judean Desert

In ancient times, a wonderful plant was grown on the shores of the Dead Sea - the ancient Balm of Gilead. It was one of the most important medicines and the best perfume in the Roman Empire was produced from the plant. The ancient Balm of Gilead was an ingredient of the incense of the Temple and a component of the Anointing oil during the Second Temple period.

According to ancient sources, the plant reached the Kingdom of Judah as a gift given by Queen of Sheba to King Solomon. Queen Cleopatra was also a fan of the finest perfume. The perfume favored by the kingdom was also used by the daughters of Jerusalem who used the perfume to drive the boys crazy. The ancient Balm of Gilead plant that serves as the heart of the fragranceis considered the finest type of myrrh in the world.

The perfume is built around a unique blend of authentic plants from the Bible and from the desert: the incense plants of the Temple, the plants of the Anointing oil and other miraculous plants.

The essential oils in the perfume have significant anti-inflammatory properties.

From the point of view of Jewish law, the perfume can be used for Havdalah on Saturday nights.


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