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Blog: Almost half of Jewish teens in prison are of Ethiopian descent
Thursday, July 02, 2015
Data recently released by the Israel Prison Service show that of the jailed teenagers at the Ofek detention center half are of Ethiopian descent.
Blog: Israel's Ethiopian community raises its voice
Thursday, June 04, 2015
The story of the Ethiopian community in Israel can be described as the best and saddest among the patchwork of Israel's communities.


Integration through basketball

Posted on 5/4/2015 by Ariel Rudolph

Adi Vettori (22) is the head of the "Jerusalem 48'ers" a basketball team that has a special vision and it is to integrate southern Jerusalem Ethiopian teenagers into society via basketball. The team practices in Talpiyot, a suburb of Jerusalem with one of the highest percentages of Ethiopian residents.

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Ethiopian Jews and their difficult integration

Posted on 4/2/2015 by Ariel Rudolph

The life of the majority of the Ethiopian Jews is characterized by social and economic challenges. This holds true for both, the new Ethiopian immigrants arriving nowadays and Ethiopians who immigrated decades ago and for their children as well.

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Aliyah hits Ten-Year High

Posted on 3/3/2015 by Ariel Rudolph

More Jews immigrated to Israel in the last year, than in the previous ten years, according to the Jewish Agency. 26,500 new immigrants arrived in Israel during 2014, marking a 32 percent increase over last year’s number. France tops the list of countries of origin for the first time since the establishment of the State.

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