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Most immigrants come from France during the past year

Posted on 11/5/2014 by Ariel Rudolph

Based on the latest official figures reported by the Jewish Agency, the majority of new immigrants in the past year came from France. This can be attributed to a wave of strong anti-Semitism that is currently being experienced all over Europe.

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Bridging the gap

Posted on 4/10/2014 by Ariel Rudolph

Each year Israel Today distributes food packages to needy immigrants in absorption centers (Merkazei Klitah - in Hebrew) where many new immigrants experience their first home in Israel during a difficult transition period.

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Thousands of Ethiopian Jews still waiting to emigrate to Israel

Posted on 4/3/2014 by Ariel Rudolph in Falash Mura Ethiopian Jews Beta Israel immigration

According to the Israeli Ministry of Interior, en-masse aliyah from Ethiopia ended in the summer of 2013. In reality, there are still thousands of Ethiopian Jews in Gondar and Addis Ababa who are waiting to immigrate to Israel, says Avraham Negosa, a representative of the Ethiopian community in Israel.

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