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Dance Course thrilled Ethiopian immigrants

Posted on 4/23/2013 by in Ethiopian Jews Children Dancing Passover

A special Passover surprise was arranged for Ethiopian girls who are new to Israel, living in the immigration center ,“Tapuz” in Nahariya.

During the Passover holiday, the children are always in search of entertaining activities. Many of them attend day camps, and all sorts of activities are offered in the immigration centers by Keren HaYesod and the Jewish Agency for Israel’s new immigrants.

The newcomers from Ethiopia experienced Passover, the “Festival of Freedom” with ballet dancing, a new talent taught to them by their new friend and dance teacher, Sandra Losch, from Nuremberg, Germany.

Sandra, a Christian volunteer, came to Israel for the holiday for the purpose of giving the group of 20 girls, aged 6-16, the gift of ballet lessons in Nahariya, which is in northern Israel.

During this mini-course, not only dance steps were learned – both the teacher and the students were learning Hebrew! They learned how to say “right”, “left”, “forward”, “backward”, “butterfly” and “flower” as part of the dance instructions. And when Sandra wanted to explain that they should “roll”, she had no choice but to start rolling on the floor herself and the girls followed.

After the course, they girls were excited with what they had learned and with their new ballet clothes, and they grew with excitement when the time came to perform in front of an audience. The performance was received by an enthusiastic audience, who even demanded an encore.

It was an enjoyable event for the whole family, and one by one, each of the girls came up to Sandra and gave her a big hug, to thank her. One of the girls was tearful during the goodbye and in a trembling voice asked why Sandra can’t stay with them.

How wonderful it is to see such unity and community between cultures in Israel after so many long years of struggle and hardship to live in the land of Israel.

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