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Blog: Almost half of Jewish teens in prison are of Ethiopian descent
Thursday, July 02, 2015
Data recently released by the Israel Prison Service show that of the jailed teenagers at the Ofek detention center half are of Ethiopian descent.
Blog: Israel's Ethiopian community raises its voice
Thursday, June 04, 2015
The story of the Ethiopian community in Israel can be described as the best and saddest among the patchwork of Israel's communities.


Israeli-Ethiopian Children to Celebrate their First Purim

Posted on 2/12/2013 by in israel Ethiopians Israel Today Bundle of Love Misrad HaKlita Purim

For many of the youngsters in Israeli absorption centers, this Purim, the celebration of redemption from total annihilation, will be their first. You can help Israel Today make this holiday a festive one for them.

The story of Israel's Ethiopian community is a modern-day fable. Committed to the concept of the ingathering of the exiles, the bringing of all Jews home to the Land of Israel, the Israeli government committed money and resources to airlift the Ethiopian Jewish community out of their oppression in Ethiopia and bring them home, and make them Israelis. Operation Moses and Operation Solomon, the names of these airlifts, remind us that the Jewish patriarchs protected their tribes, just as the government of Israel protects all the Jewish people today. Most of the Ethiopian community now resides in Israel, and these individuals have been streaming in for decades. 

The work to bring the Jews of Ethiopia home is just about done, but new immigrants come to Israel every day. Many reside in Misradot HaKlitot (absorption centers) where immigrants learn Hebrew, children attend school, and adults develop their job skills. They work hard to integrate into a very different community from what they know back home, and contribute to the fabric of Isreali society.

The children rarely receive time off, since learning is a full-time commitment. However, holidays are a special time to teach children a bit of their new culture and to relax. Israel Today is taking this opportunity to visit three Misradot HaKlitot in and around Jerusalem which cater to very new immigrants for Purim, the holiday of Jewish redemption. Help us brighten the day of these special new Israelis, many of them celebrating their first holiday, by purchasing nourishing food supplies so Ethiopians can make healthy meals.

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