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Blog: Almost half of Jewish teens in prison are of Ethiopian descent
Thursday, July 02, 2015
Data recently released by the Israel Prison Service show that of the jailed teenagers at the Ofek detention center half are of Ethiopian descent.
Blog: Israel's Ethiopian community raises its voice
Thursday, June 04, 2015
The story of the Ethiopian community in Israel can be described as the best and saddest among the patchwork of Israel's communities.


The Last Jews of Ethiopia

Posted on 2/4/2013 by in israel Ethiopians Operation Moses Israel Today Operation Dove's Wings Operation Solomon Falash Mura

Operation Dove's Wings represents the end of Jewish Aliyah from Ethiopia, the last members of an oppressed community. Israel is a beacon unto the world and all Jews can find a home here, but many struggle to integrate into Israeli society.

On October 29th, 2012, Israel began the last phase of the last chapter of Jewish exile from Africa. 240 Falash Mura, Ethiopian Jews who had been forced to convert to Christianity, arrived at Ben Gurion airport and became the first immigrants of Israel's Operation Dove's Wings. By October 2013, Israel means to bring the remaining 2,000 members of the Falash Mura community to Israel.

Israel is the home of the Jews, and the government of Israel is committed to supporting Jewish communities wherever they are. Through Operation Moses in 1984 and Operation Solomon in 1991, Israel brought over 25,000 Jewish Ethiopians home. 

But unlike immigrants from the West, our Ethiopian brothers and sisters often have a difficult time adjusting to life in Israel and fully integrating. Help us make them feel welcome and loved.


Because of the cultural and ethnic differences that the Ethiopians bring with them when they immigrate, it is more challenging for many of them to adjust to the mix of Western and Middle Eastern life in Israel. It is also difficult for many of them to find work and provide for their families.


Consider giving a gift of love this year and help the Ethiopian immigrants feel at home in the Land of Israel.


Click here to deliver a Bundle of Love to an Ethiopian family and be a blessing to those in need.