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Government Promises Funding for Holocaust Survivors

Posted on 3/19/2013 by in Holocaust Survivor Funding Politics

The dire living situation of thousands of Holocaust survivors is a hot political topic in Israel. According to the coalition deal signed by Yesh Atid, a commitment has been made to increase the budget for Holocaust Survivor’s services.

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Give a Holocaust Survivor a taste of freedom this Passover

Posted on 3/13/2013 by in Holocaust Survivor Poverty Passover

Passover is coming and still there are many Holocaust survivors who can’t afford to buy food for the holiday.

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Holocaust Survivors in Israel: Their day-to-day Reality

Posted on 3/5/2013 by in Holocaust HaShoa

Many years have passed since the terrors of the Holocaust, but the pain is very real for the victims, who still live with the memories and nightmares of the past.

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