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The world turned its back on the Jews of Europe during the Nazi Holocaust. Many of those who miraculously survived became a part of a reborn Jewish state. But the ghosts of their horrific past linger, and far too many are living out their last days in poverty and loneliness.

Israel Today is proud to be among those providing physical aid, as well as emotional and spiritual comfort, to Israel's Holocaust survivors.

But, we need your help!

How special it is to inform these precious souls that it is thanks to the kind donations of Christians that we are able to provide aid and comfort, when so many of them have been left scarred by their treatment at the hands of supposedly "Christian" nations.

We’ll supply a Holocaust survivor with several gift coupons that can be cashed in a number of Israeli supermarkets.


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“Amcha” - for the benefit of Holocaust Survivors

Posted on 4/21/2013 by Rafael Danon in Holocaust

Amcha, which can be translated as “your people” or “with you” is a volunteer organization which provides support and assistance to Holocaust survivors. Israel Today reporter, Esti Eliraz visited the Netanya branch, founded in 2003 by Marga Jonowitz.

Amcha provides psychological assistance, club activities and interaction with other survivors over bingo and card games, as well as opportunities to participate in theater, singing and gymnastics.

Numerous volunteers visit the center, after training and weekly briefings. They are there for the survivors, just to talk or help them deal with practical concerns such as bills, government issues and other daily bureaucracy.

In Netanya, there are already 120 needy survivors who are registered, and who attend many of the activities mentioned above. There are still another 120 on a waiting list.

There is also a club which is open daily from 8:30 until 3:00 in the afternoon, which allows survivors to interact and feel comfortable with each other. This creates an atmosphere that allows them to feel happy, accepted and overcome the hardships of their past. Amcha is now looking for ways to extend the hours of the club, possibly even into the evening hours.

For 80-year-old David Solomon (pictured), Amcha has become his second home. Every day he comes to the club to meet up with his friends, and once a week he undergoes psychological treatment. He says it helps him deal with the difficult memories and nightmares from the time he suffered in the Holocaust. His dream is to see more volunteers at the center, so that the survivors would not have to be alone during the evening hours.

You can also support the survivors of the Holocaust! Your support will provide them with grocery coupons so that they can buy necessities for themselves, but most importantly, your gift will give them dignity and the knowledge that someone cares about them.