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The world turned its back on the Jews of Europe during the Nazi Holocaust. Many of those who miraculously survived became a part of a reborn Jewish state. But the ghosts of their horrific past linger, and far too many are living out their last days in poverty and loneliness.

Israel Today is proud to be among those providing physical aid, as well as emotional and spiritual comfort, to Israel's Holocaust survivors.

But, we need your help!

How special it is to inform these precious souls that it is thanks to the kind donations of Christians that we are able to provide aid and comfort, when so many of them have been left scarred by their treatment at the hands of supposedly "Christian" nations.

We’ll supply a Holocaust survivor with several gift coupons that can be cashed in a number of Israeli supermarkets.


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Brighten the Life of a Holocaust Survivor

Posted on 6/30/2013 by in Israel Today Holocaust Survivor Poverty Funding Support

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu recently committed to improving the welfare of Holocaust survivors living in Israel. This commitment has come about as a direct result of the efforts of Dora Roth, herself a Holocaust survivor, who made an impassioned speech in the Knesset during April, concerning the welfare of survivors.

According to annual reports and surveys, only six percent of Holocaust survivors living in Israel have financial freedom. Over half of the survivors cannot meet monthly living costs. Forty-nine percent have health problems that impact on the quality of their daily lives. Seventy percent need help with daily activities such as shopping and going to doctor’s appointments - and ninety-two percent think the government needs to increase the funds allocated for their welfare.

Israel Today is committed to brightening the lives of these heroic old people.

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