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Government Promises Funding for Holocaust Survivors

Posted on 3/19/2013 by in Holocaust Survivor Funding Politics

The dire living situation of thousands of Holocaust survivors is a hot political topic in Israel. According to the coalition deal signed by Yesh Atid, a commitment has been made to increase the budget for Holocaust Survivor’s services.

The party has committed to increase the Holocaust Survivor’s Services budget to 110 million, about half of which will be allocated to nursing care offered by the Foundation for the Benefit of Holocaust Victims in Israel. The foundation had announced at the end of January that it would have to cut a third of the hours of nursing care it provides to the disabled survivors by March 1.

According to Yifat Kariv of Yesh Atid, “The State of Israel will not abandon Holocaust survivors on my watch.” The agreement came after Kariv and MKs from other parties held an emergency meeting two weeks ago to discuss the issue. “Just a month ago I was sworn in as a Knesset member and I vowed that Israel will not abandon them. It is a moral and ethical imperative.”

The new funds should serve tens of thousands of survivors living throughout Israel and allow some 6,000 of them to continue receiving the nursing aid.

In addition, the agreement also stated that the budget could be further expanded during the next five years in accordance with the foundation’s needs.

It’s good news for the thousands of Holocaust Survivors who desperately need the financial support and nursing services. But we ask: when will this strategy be implemented? How long will we wait to see this take effect and bring the much-needed support to these survivors who are living out their last days in poverty right now?

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