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Israel Today Readers Bless Holocaust Survivors

Posted on 1/13/2013 by in Holocaust HaShoa Israel Israel Today Purim

Israel is home to more than 200,000 Jewish Holocaust survivors, many of whom require assistance that the state is often difficult for the thinly-stretched national budget to provide. That is where the goodwill of supporters around the world comes in, and the readers of Israel Today are right there on the front lines.

In 2012 Israel Today staff members participated in an event at a local charitible foundation where Purim care packages paid for by you, our readers, were distributed to needy Holocaust survivors.

This is a double blessing. First, these care packages provide the Holocaust survivors with much-needed goods like warm blankets for the cold winter and early spring months. Second, it lets them know that today, unlike during the decade of horror they endured in the 1940s, there are people around the world that not only care for them, but are willing to go the extra mile and provide for them.

That these people of goodwill are Israel-loving Christians was a real shocker, especially for those who were so brutally treated at the hands of those who represented Christian nations.

We will be conducting regular efforts going forward to help provide for the Holocaust survivors. It is a big task, but together, and with God's help, we can do it.

We’ll supply a Holocaust survivor with several gift coupons that can be cashed in a number of Israeli supermarkets. Purchase a charity basket and help us help those in need today.