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Posted on 4/28/2014 by Ariel Rudolph

Today in Israel we observe Yom HaShoah - Holocaust and Heroism Remembrance Day - and remember the six million Jews who fell victims to Nazism and perished in the Holocaust. On this day we remember not only the victims of the Holocaust, but also the Holocaust survivors, many of whom need help and assistance.

The Jerusalem “CENTRAL” organization is a part of the Association of Concentration Camps and Ghetto Survivors in Israel, which was launched in 1992 by a group of Holocaust survivors from the former Soviet Union. These are former Nazi concentration camp and ghetto inmates who were freed in 1944 by the Red Army. Currently the organization has about 3,500 Holocaust survivor members. The association promotes and supports the interests of the Nazi holocaust survivors in local, national and international organizations.

Last week, through your help, Israel Today was able to give substantial shopping gift cards to twenty-six Holocaust survivors of the Jerusalem “CENTRAL” organization. These shopping gift cards can be used in most Israeli supermarket chains.

We would like to thank all friends and readers of Israel today for your support. With your help we were able to brighten up these holocaust survivors day. Todah Rabah!

By Ora Shapiro