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The world turned its back on the Jews of Europe during the Nazi Holocaust. Many of those who miraculously survived became a part of a reborn Jewish state. But the ghosts of their horrific past linger, and far too many are living out their last days in poverty and loneliness.

Israel Today is proud to be among those providing physical aid, as well as emotional and spiritual comfort, to Israel's Holocaust survivors.

But, we need your help!

How special it is to inform these precious souls that it is thanks to the kind donations of Christians that we are able to provide aid and comfort, when so many of them have been left scarred by their treatment at the hands of supposedly "Christian" nations.

We’ll supply a Holocaust survivor with several gift coupons that can be cashed in a number of Israeli supermarkets.


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Holocaust Survivors in Israel: Their day-to-day Reality

Posted on 3/5/2013 by in Holocaust HaShoa

Many years have passed since the terrors of the Holocaust, but the pain is very real for the victims, who still live with the memories and nightmares of the past.

In Israel, about one third of holocaust victims live alone, and about half of the victims are widows or widowers. According to the Foundation for the Benefit of Holocaust Victims in Israel, 10,000 Holocaust survivors in Israel have no family, and many survivors with relatives say their families are not in contact with them.

About a quarter of Holocaust survivors in Israel are poor, living on government assistance, and many others live on a very tight budget. Some cannot afford simple expenses such as dental care and eyeglasses.

Organizations all over the world, such as Yad Vashem in Israel have worked tirelessly to record their stories, pictures and their family connections. There are countless books, websites and documentaries recording each painful and heroic story.

But a time is coming soon when those records are all we will have left. Two thirds of survivors are over 80, 40 percent are over 86.

Now is the time to show how much we care, show them that the world hasn’t forgotten them and left them behind.

You can show a survivor that you haven’t forgotten about them by sending a donation today. Give your gift here.