The Twin Wineries project promotes German-Israel ties

Posted on 12/17/2014 by Ariel Rudolph

The “Twin Wineries” project is one of the most fascinating initiatives in the wine industry in Israel. It aims to promote inter-cultural dialogue between high-quality wineries in Germany and Israel and, more importantly, strengthen the ties between the two countries.

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Galilee Olive Oil

Posted on 11/11/2014 by Ariel Rudolph

In the foothills of Israel's Lower Galilee lie vast olive groves. Olives have a plethora of uses: as food, for medicine, cosmetics and soap. For the residents of Galilean villages olive oil production has a long history and tradition. Every year during the harvest season families in the area meet to harvest olives. In this way, the Galilee has become the center of impressive activities.

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The Date Palm - "Queen of the Oasis"

Posted on 10/1/2014 by Ariel Rudolph

Fall is the harvest season of many products in Israel, including dates. Date palms are one of the oldest cultivated plants in the world. In the Torah, the name "Tamar", Hebrew for “date”, is mentioned several times as a girl's name but also as a metaphor for an attractive young woman. For example in the Song of Songs 7:8 "Your stature is like a palm tree". It is not a coincidence that Tamar is also one of the most popular female Hebrew names.

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