BLOG: Jerusalem Hills under Threat
Thursday, June 25, 2015
On the slopes of the hills surrounding Jerusalem blooms a forest, the Jerusalem forest. Again and again, this unique habitat, the hills and the forest, are threatened.


Amazing display of anemones in the Northern Negev

Posted on 2/11/2014 by Ariel Rudolph

Every spring the Negev desert starts to bloom, and one can experience seeing a green landscape covered with a magnificent carpet of scarlet anemones. In Hebrew the anemone is "Calanit" and derives from the word "Calla", which means “bride.”

The anemone is compared to a beautiful bride. The “Calanit” was chosen as Israel’s national flower. It begins to bloom as early as January especially in areas, which received ample rain.

Each year, the "Darom Adom Festival", the Red South Festival, is organized in the Northern Negev in order to celebrate both this amazing natural spectacle as well as agricultural achievements of the region. During the whole month of February, every weekend one can enjoy the red carpets of anemones and visit the historic sites and nature reserves. This festival is supported by the Jewish National Fund, KKL-JNF, which has contributed to the development of the region since the establishment of the state of Israel.

Within the framework of the festival a number of events are on offer every weekend, including tours, a farmers’ market, workshops, musical performances and bike rides for children. On this coming weekend a hike, called an Anemone march, will be held organized by the Jewish National Fund. At the end of the hike one will be able to enjoy local fare at food stands and at the market. One can also participate in a guided bike tour, "driving the anemones", which will lead around the Kibbutz Beeri.

By Ora Shapiro