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The Land of Israel is a special, sacred place for those who believe in the Bible. Like the ingathering of the Jewish people into the land of Israel, the restoration of the land itself is the unfolding of prophecy.

When Israel’s restoration began, the land was largely barren. Today it is fully of lush green forests lovingly planted by the Jewish National Fund. There is still much work to do. What better way to participate in the restoration of the Land of Israel than by planting a tree.

Partner with the JNF to complete the reforestation of the Promised Land.


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Rare Toad Spotted After 25-year Absence, says Israel Nature and Parks Authority

Posted on 2/17/2013 by Miriam Cohen in Israel Israel Today Carmel Israel Nature and Parks Authority Syrian spadefoot Kibbutz Ga'ash Hula painted frog Hula Valley

The Israel Nature and Parks Authority has announced the finding of a rare species of toad, the Syrian spadefoot, in a pool near Kibbutz Ga’ash on the coastal plain. This species, known to experts as Pelobates syriacus, has not been seen in the region for nearly 25 years and its return has been attributed to improved ecological conditions.

This is the second amphibian to return to Israel after a long absence. The discovery comes just a year after another rare species, the Hula painted frog, was spotted in the Hula Valley after missing for 50 years, and was feared to be extinct.

The Land of Israel is a precious natural resource and the government of the modern-day state of Israel is committed to preserving this Biblical homeland, ecologically, archeologically and in every other way, for all people. It is well-known that Israelis the only country in the world to have more trees in the 21st century than in the previous one. As the people of Israel work to improve the ecology in this blessed place, we can expect to see many more of God's creatures returning to this holy place.

Israel Today has committed itself to preserving and improving the land, and you can help us in this commitment to revive the land of the Carmel in the north of Israel, where a fire has devastated the area. 

Help be a part of the rebirth of the land by planting a tree in Israel Today's forest and be a blessing unto the land. Click here to contribute a tree to our forest today.