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Jews from China soon in the Israeli Army

Posted on 12/11/2014 by Ariel Rudolph

Three young Chinese men from the ancient assimilated Jewish community in Kaifeng, China will start serving in the Israeli army in a few weeks. A few years ago they made Aliyah and just recently completed their conversion to Judaism. Their dream is to serve in the IDF’s Golani Unit.

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Young Israeli soldier helped foil terror attack

Posted on 11/6/2014 by Ariel Rudolph

One of the IDF's Intelligence Unit's main tasks is to monitor the borders of Israel. Day and night the Israeli soldiers operate surveillance systems glued to video monitors thoroughly checking and recording everything to the smallest detail.

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Diversity of Israeli Defense Force soldiers

Posted on 11/5/2014 by Ariel Rudolph

Israeli society is very diverse. One can especially experience it in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), which is a true melting pot. Here one meets soldiers with diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds, who have immigrated to Israel, from all corners of the world.

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