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Blog: Lone Soldiers – thousands of miles away from home
Thursday, June 18, 2015
They are young, they have often just finished high school and they have their future ahead of them. Enrolling in university, getting a job, earning money or maybe traveling throughout the world.


A Call to Defense

Posted on 7/7/2013 by in israeli soldiers Israel Today Israel Defense Forces Americans Support

A war of words rages daily beyond Israel's borders, and sometimes within them, as the debate continues - to defend or destroy? Young people in mainsteam Jewish organizations in the diaspora are very used to taking up rhetorical arms in defense of the Holy Land - in high schools, youth organizations, on College campuses, even on Facebook. There is a loud international voice against Israel's existence but also a very strong impetus to defend the Jewish state.

Young, affiliated diaspora Jews, both men and women, willingly take on the responsibility to advocate for Israel. In the context of the recent IDF ruling that conscientious objectors within Israel are unfit for duty, many young Jews everywhere, and their elders, are maintaining that any critique of the Jewish state must be put aside as a necessary wartime duty. A good number of young diaspora Jews also feel compelled to take the further step of coming to Israel to serve in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF).

Fresh from the physical battlefield, IDF soldiers are further undertaking speaking through the media to Jews in the diaspora, and 'to those with ears to hear' among the nations, to share real stories of combat, and of Israel's frequent misrepresentation in the international Press - this bold action over and above a soldier's gruelling daily life, on constant alert for the call that could come at any time to defend the nation's borders.

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