Soldiers Winter Package

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Although the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), as the name suggests, is primarily a defensive army, our soldiers place their lives at stake on a daily basis. Over time, almost every family has lost relatives in defense of the Promised Land.

Protection and preservation can come only from the Almighty but we can show our appreciation of the efforts of our soldiers and reservists. Let us show our men and women in uniform that we stand behind them, in prayer AND in deed! In the coming weeks, we are planning to distribute Winter Packages for 'our children' - our soldiers! (The majority of IDF soldiers are young men and women just out of school.)

This Winter, our lovingly-prepared Package contains the following items:

  • A Sweat Shirt
  • A Chamtzavar - a multifunctional apple-warmer that can also be used as a hat
  • Warm Socks - to keep the soldiers' feet toasty!
  • Shoe Deodorant
  • Regenerating Hand Cream
  • Medical Lip Balm

Give your gift today for a Soldiers Winter Package, and let the forces know that there are very special people who care, and appreciate their sacrifice and their duty.


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First woman officer in the IDF

Posted on 12/26/2013 by Ariel Rudolph in idf nigerian jewish agency

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) represent Israeli society more than any other organization. It is a real melting pot, in which the serving soldiers, both men and women have a diverse ethnic and religious background. Lieutenant Toby Cohen is the first Nigerian woman who serves in the IDF’s Homefront Command.

Toby was born in Nigeria to a Nigerian mother and an Israeli father. When she was 17 she left her parents’ home in her home town Kanu in Northern Nigeria and immigrated to Israel.

Toby tells that since her childhood she knew that she wanted to move to Israel. She always heard stories about Israel and the Israeli army from her father and often spent Jewish holidays in Israel. Finally, she decided to get to know the Israeli culture and to strengthen her connection to Israel by making aliyah.

In the framework of a "Young Judaism" program offered by the Jewish Agency for Israel, Toby immigrated to Israel and joined a pre-army educational program at Kibbutz Metzar in the Golan Heights. During the program, she honed her Hebrew skills and became more familiar with Israeli society. In the army Toby initially served as an operations sergeant in the Homefront Command, and was later accepted into the officer's training course.

Toby Cohen is one of the many lone Israeli soldiers who contribute to the security of the state of Israel by leaving their families, friends, work, study and comfortable life behind.


By: Ora Shapiro