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Blog: Lone Soldiers – thousands of miles away from home
Thursday, June 18, 2015
They are young, they have often just finished high school and they have their future ahead of them. Enrolling in university, getting a job, earning money or maybe traveling throughout the world.


Thank You to our Soldiers

Posted on 6/23/2013 by in israeli soldiers idf Israel Defense Forces

Words are not enough to express gratitude to Israel's soldiers for their superb defense of the country - at any time the call can come to rally and move into action, and every Israeli knows how rapidly Am Yisrael unifies to help and support the men and women on the frontlines in every way possible.

Largely comprised of young, able-bodied men and women fresh out of school, the Israeli Defense Force commands compulsory service, which does not detract from the willingness of the majority of young people to serve their country - at an age where their peers all over the world are enjoying gap years; traveling, embarking on college studies, starting work careers or even just 'goofing off' after 12 years of study at school.

The dedication and hard work of these young warriors must not be underestimated.

In the past week the Israeli government has swung into action to approve a bill to give preferential treatment and benefits for veterans of the IDF and national service.

You can also make an important contribution by sending a summer gift to a soldier - a package of personal care products that are most welcome to pamper bodies in action, and even more welcome as a lift for a weary soul! For only $36, you can give a gift of encouragement. Click here