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Blog: Lone Soldiers – thousands of miles away from home
Thursday, June 18, 2015
They are young, they have often just finished high school and they have their future ahead of them. Enrolling in university, getting a job, earning money or maybe traveling throughout the world.


Two dreams fulfilled!!

Posted on 6/26/2014 by Ariel Rudolph

When Yonatan was a child, he asked his mother why he was given this name. His mother told him that he was named after Yonatan Netanyahu, who was killed during Operation Thunderbolt - the Raid on Entebbe - in Uganda. From that moment on Yoni always wanted to serve as a soldier in the Israeli army.

Later on, as a 15 year old teenager, Yoni decided to come to Israel in order to learn Hebrew and Israeli culture and to later serve in the Israel Defense Forces. Yoni remembered his first moments in the IDF. "The first time that I put on my uniform, I could not believe it was not a dream," Yoni said. Yoni looks forward to the rest of his service in the IDF and is considering making a career with the IDF.

Jeremy, who has recently started serving in the Israel Defense Forces, also made Aliyah from the United States. He first visited Israel from New York with a youth program. During his visit he fell in love with Israel and a year later he decided to make Aliyah.

He is currently serving in the infantry support unit of the Armored corps. Jeremy says that although he is not proficient in Hebrew yet, and sometimes experiences communication problems, he nevertheless feels at home in Israel. "I am proud to be in the IDF and to have fulfilled my dreams," said Jeremy.

Credit to: IDF Blog

By Ora Shapiro