Blog: Living with Down Syndrome in Israel
Thursday, June 11, 2015
In Israel some 140 children are born with Down Syndrome each year. In total, there are about 7,000 people with this condition in the country.


A Happy Passover for the Children of Israel

Posted on 3/21/2013 by in Children Passover

In a few short days, Jewish families will gather around the Passover Seder table with family, friends and neighbors.

Passover is a major holiday in Israel and in Jewish communities all over the world. The Jewish people have been remembering the Exodus from Egypt every year on Passover since the commandment to celebrate and observe Passover was given, some 3300 years ago.

The head of the family or a rabbi tells the story of the Exodus from Egypt through the Passover Haggadah. In addition to remembering the historical events, the Haggadah also has words of wisdom, and questions for the children to keep them interested.

All evening and into the night of the first night of Passover (starting March 25 this year) , the Jewish people will read through the Hagaddah and perform symbolic actions such as eating bitter vegetables to remember the bitterness of slavery and dripping wine or grape juice on a napkin or plate to symbolize the plagues that the Egyptians faced. As the night draws to a close, songs of joy and celebration are sung and the lyrics of the songs are thoughtful and meaningful. On this evening and throughout the week-long holiday, this holy celebration and commandment is passed on to the next generation.

For most families, the Passover meal is a true celebration of freedom, as they can afford to live comfortably in a home with their families and provide for them. There are families however, who cannot afford to celebrate this holiday properly. They desperately want to share this celebration with their children, to pass this important mitzvah (commandment) to the next generation. There are many of Israel’s children who know the daily struggle for survival.

During this time of Passover and the month of Nissan, we are called to take care of our brother, to reach out to those who have less or nothing at all.

You can play a part of this great mitzvah just by sending a gift of provisions to disadvantaged families. Your gift of support will provide them with a package that will include kosher for Passover foods.

Join Israel Today in our efforts that these families should not go without. Your contribution can make a difference in the next generation. You can give the children of Israel a happy Passover! Don’t hesitate, give your gift today!