Blog: Living with Down Syndrome in Israel
Thursday, June 11, 2015
In Israel some 140 children are born with Down Syndrome each year. In total, there are about 7,000 people with this condition in the country.


Home is more than just home!!

Posted on 2/27/2014 by Ariel Rudolph

Home is just that, a place where one lives, experiences love, enjoys support and feels the sense of belonging. Sometimes these things are lacking in the lives of children.

This is where "Beit HaYeled" comes to the fore to provide these basics that are
lacking in many children's lives, especially when they are born with disorders
that require these things in inordinate quantities.

"Beit HaYeled" is a therapeutic institution that provides a homely atmosphere that
supports, rehabilitates and helps to educate about 120 children between the ages
of 5 to 14.

The home is situated in a stately building in Jerusalem's Gilo neighborhood, which
provides the ideal feeling of a family structure.

The boarding school is for children who are born into a complex reality and
environment where they might be exposed to neglect or insufficient care.

The institution's speciality is reaching and caring for children with ADHD and
children that have experienced difficulties in building trust of adults.
"Beit HaYeled" provides comprehensive solutions on all functional areas: academic,
behavioral, emotional, mental, physical, and social in collaboration with the
parents of the children. Each child undergoes a personally tailored treatment
program executed and administered by dedicated professional staff.

The Home is fully supported, assisted and operated under the supervision of Child
and Youth Services in the Ministry of Social Affairs.

By: Ariel Rudolph

Credit: Amit Schools