The Children are Our Heritage

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Children are a heritage from the Lord, offspring a reward from him.
Psalms 127:3

In a few weeks Israel will be celebrating the joyous holiday of Purim. One of the main activities of this celebration is the sending of Mishloach Manot (Gift Baskets) from family to family. This holiday is one that is especially memorable for children. They will dress up in costume and participate in street parades.

Unfortunately, there are many children whose parents cannot afford to involve their children in this festive time as a result of their economic circumstances. Many children rely on basic nourishment at after school centers, where they congregate in the afternoons.

Israel Today has been committed for many years to ensuring a quality life for all Israeli children. This year, as in previous years, we will be concentrating our efforts to help children from needy families to enable them to enjoy this time of the year.

Through the generosity of our subscribers and readers of the magazine, Israel Today will be able to:

  • provide Mishloach Manot to needy families
  • support underprivileged children, for example, by providing meals and financing extra-mural activities


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Israel’s brainy youth aim to showcase their inventions internationally

Posted on 4/11/2013 by in inventions support Children

Young engineers in Israel are making their way in the world, providing innovative solutions to improve quality of life for the elderly.

Teams of engineer-minded youth between the ages of 9-14 participated in robotics competitions across the country. The semi-finalists competed at a national competition which is held annually in Tel Aviv, sending the best and the brightest to compete internationally against 80 different countries in April.

Among the robotic competitions and challenges, one of the categories is called “Senior Solutions” where the teams come up with practical robotic inventions that will help the elderly in their day to day life.

Some of the inventions are as follows:

• Talking eyeglasses that can read written texts such as signs, warning them of environmental dangers. 

• Unique wristwatch which is networked to the medical center reminds the elderly to take their prescriptions, giving them the time and dosage information. 

• Stabilizer glove with reinforced shock absorbers helps those suffering from Parkinson’s disease to hold a glass of water or safely consume a hot drink without shaking. 

• Smart bracelet locates important objects and warns against theft. 

• “Doctor box” allows doctors to perform important tests and monitor the health situation of the elderly via live video, so that they wont have to leave the house.

These competitions will improve kids’ self confidence, create new networking connections and help them to discover their life path. Who knows what kinds of innovations could be introduced to the world just by making opportunities for kids to grow in their talents and abilities.

You can help put Israeli children on a better path by partnering with Israel Today and sending a contribution. The support we receive from our readers puts food on the table of struggling families in Israel, giving children what they need to make a difference in Israel, and the world. Click here to give today.

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