Blog: Living with Down Syndrome in Israel
Thursday, June 11, 2015
In Israel some 140 children are born with Down Syndrome each year. In total, there are about 7,000 people with this condition in the country.


Kid-friendly activities in Israel

Posted on 3/5/2013 by in Children Vacation Tourism

Whether you’re visiting Israel with your kids for a week, or live here in the holy land all year round, you’ll never run out of family-friendly activities! Here are just a few…

Go to the Zoo

Israel has amazing zoos. In Jerusalem, the Biblical Zoo is beautifully designed and has over 2000 animals. There are animals native to Israel and from countries around the world. Or visit the Monkey Park near Modi’in, which houses over 250 species of monkeys. Looking for something with more adventure? In Ramat Gan, Israel, you can go on a safari in an African-style park, which has the largest animal collection in the Middle East!

Float in the Dead Sea

Don’t leave Israel without doing this! Kids will think its fun to float on their backs without sinking into the salt-dense sea. You will too. The minerals found in the sea and in the mud make your skin soft for days. An all around winner for the whole family.

Go Skiing

Their school friends will be puzzled when they see the whole family downhill skiing (or snowboarding) in your Israel trip photo album! If you visit Israel in the wintertime, visit Mount Hermon, the highest point in Israel. The snow is powdery for a great ski and is very popular, so it’s best to leave very early in the morning. Don’t miss out on seeing the mountain during the rest of the year, as it has breathtaking hiking trails.

See the Ancient sites

Israel is full of them, and going to see them brings the history books, and the Bible, to life. Even young children can be captivated by the beauty and history of the land. If your children’s attention span won’t last that long, visit Mini Israel, which has thousands of crafted buildings, models and figures, replicating many of Israel’s important sites, just much smaller.

Snorkel in the Red Sea

What did the children of Israel see beside them when they were crossing through the Red Sea? Find out yourself by snorkeling in the Red Sea. Younger kids can pet the dolphins among many other activities at the Dolphin Reef in Eilat.

Go Camping

Plan your annual camping trip this year in Eretz Yisrael. The kids can play, swim and pick up some Hebrew from the other kids while you soak in the beauty of the land without trying to catch the next tour.

The land of Israel is full of beauty and adventure but many families can’t afford to take family trips around their own country, sometimes it’s hard just to put food on the table. You can give a gift that directly benefits a child in Israel by giving here.