A home for disabled children in Israel
A home for disabled children in Israel

A home for disabled children in Israel

Help those who can’t help themselves!


Help those who can't help themselves!


Help Israeli Kids with Chronic Respiratory Issues:

Israel Today invites you to join us in extending help to some of the most needy members of Israeli society

Tzila’s Story:

Tzila came to ADI’s high dependency ward when she was just 4 months old. We recently celebrated her 10th birthday! As a young child Tzila had many feeding issues, including choking on food and having trouble keeping it down. Reimagining rehabilitation meant that ADI and her medical team took great care to provide a gastrointestinal feeding tube as a means to provide comfort and healing.

We are also working to explore and advance her abilities. Tzila attends school in the high dependency ward and loves her music class. In fact, Tzila showed us that she has perfect pitch. Through her music therapy, we helped advance her ability to engage, and she can repeat a tune perfectly after hearing it just once! Now, when she hears a well-known song, she immediately figures out which song it is and joins in.

Working with young people like Tzila in our high dependency ward has helped us reimagine what we can achieve in ADI Jerusalem’s Respiratory Ward to transform lives.


ADI Jerusalem Respiratory Ward Project

ADI Jerusalem is a warm, loving home for life for some 80 children, teens and adults with severe intellectual developmental disabilities and complex medical conditions. Another 110 students of all ages participate in ADI Jerusalem’s full-day programs such as the  Rehabilitative Daycare Center, the Special Education School, the Young Adult Vocational Training Workshops and more. ADI’s multi-professional staff provides education, rehabilitation, medical and nursing care in all health-related fields together with emotional and social support for residents, students and their families.

ADI’s High Dependency Wing opened in 2007, providing a novel solution for children and young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities and complex medical issues. Developed as a response to the actual needs of this particular section of the population as observed in the course of care, the joint ADI, Ministry of Health and Ministry of Welfare project was a pioneering program for Israel

ADI’s most marked success was the integration of children and teens with severe disabilities and accompanying complex medical conditions into a normative daily schedule including educational, vocational and social programs, successfully providing them with meaningful activity that did not compromise on quality medical care.

It soon became general knowledge that choosing ADI meant choosing life.

In light of the above, the Ministry of Health recently turned to ADI Jerusalem with a request to establish another high dependency ward specifically for children with chronic respiratory issues.

This specialized respiratory ward will serve children on respirators who cannot be cared for at home.

The Goal:

To establish a warm, family-like high-dependency respiratory unit that will provide cutting-edge medical and caregiving solutions together with the opportunity for the highest possible level of normative living within the center.

Stage 1: Adaptations and renovations of existing area

  • Equipment earmarked for the ward includes: respirators, cough assist devices, CPR equipment, etc., according to Ministry of Health mandates.

The following permanent medical equipment will be purchased for designated use by each patient:

  • Respirator, back-up respirator battery, tube wall mount, feeding pump and stand, pulse oximeter monitor with warning system


The following equipment will be purchased for general ward use:

  • Back-up equipment
  • Portable suction machines for mobility
  • Cough assist / air clearance devices
  • Capnograph
  • Stationary oxygen generators
  • Ceiling hoist system, New supportive hospital beds, New washing beds


Oxygen  System and auxiliary equipment:

  • Installation of medical gas system.
  • Additionally, auxiliary equipment that must be purchased includes a selection of rehabilitative equipment (physiotherapy) and activity equipment, adapted according to various abilities, laptop and desktop computers (some of which are to be operated by the eye-tracking systems), etc.


Renovations and purchase of the equipment is expected to be completed by end of year 2022, upon which the ward will be fully occupied.

The structure of the ward and the activities therein are unique and will provide a comprehensive solution for the target population, a most welcome alternative to the existing reality of hospitalization in hospitals or geriatric units. In fact, we regularly meet parents who long to send their children to a unit such as the one we are presently establishing.


“ADI” (arise in Hebrew) is Israel’s largest organisation offering comprehensive care and a home for more than 750 severely handicapped children and adults.

There are four centres in the country. The first facility was founded in 1982 in Bnei Brak and three more were added by 2005 in Jerusalem, Gedera and in the Negev.


The children receive the best possible health, pedagogical and rehabilitative care. ADI is both a home and a family for these children – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In addition, each year they provide care for more than 45,000 people with disabilities in their outpatient clinics.

ADI strives to provide a normal life for its disabled children. They go to school, participate in programs and enjoy various activities like swimming, shopping or trips around the country. The children’s rooms are furnished to feel like home, not hospital rooms, with decorated walls and a happy atmosphere.

These children depend on your financial support!

Hundreds of children depend on the 24 hour a day care throughout the year in a loving environment with excellent care!

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