Olive tree together with annual subscription for premium online access

Plant an olive tree in the Negev Desert, plus get a full year of Israel Today


Olive tree together with annual subscription for premium online access


By planting an olive tree in Israel, you help transform the desert into a green land, you produce healthy olive oil superfood for the Israeli economy, and you connect with Israel.

As we have reported, for several years now Israel Today has been greening the Negev Desert. Now we offer the last 1000 olive trees together with an annual subscription to our online membership.

Going way back to the incident of the dove with Noah, the olive branch has symbolized peace (Genesis 8:11); and since Bible times Israel has been a land of olive trees (Deuteronomy 6:11 and 8:8). Olive oil was used by priests and prophets for ceremonial use in the temple. Kings were anointed with olive oil – in fact the very word “Messiah” (Mashiach) means “the anointed one.” Olive trees symbolize the connection between the people and the land. In Romans 11 the Apostle Paul calls Israel the root of the olive tree and the believers from the nations the grafted-in olive branches.

You too can have a role in completing this practical endeavor of again filling this land with olive trees (especially the inhospitable environment of the empty desert). Again make this land yield its fruit.

By getting a full subscription you benefit from full access to all our premium content and events, and you also help us lift up a Zionist and Biblically-inspired voice of truth in the MidEast media. Like the desert, the MidEast news media is also  a mostly “inhospitable” environment, as far as Israel is concerned.

Thank you for considering this DOUBLE  partnership!