Your own olive tree in Israel – tagged with your name?

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This project will be a community effort that will benefit everyone involved. We will be setting aside two hectares for the purpose in the same area that we established our vineyard in Kadesh Barnea ten tears ago. Trusting in God and being led by the zionist and pioneering spirit of greening the Land of Israel. Are the trees people… (Deuteronomy 20:19)

Every tree will have its name!

Vineyards and olive groves belong together in the Promised Land. When the nation of Israel entered the promised land, vineyards and olive groves were exactly what was found (Deut. 6:11). Israel was a land of olive trees (Deuteronomy 8:8). Olive oil was used by priests and prophets for ceremonial use in the temple. Kings were anointed with olive oil and Messiah means the anointed one. Olive trees symbolize the connection between people and land. In the New Testament the Apostle Paul calls Israel the root and the Christians from the nations as the grafted in branches. The fact that an olive branch symbolizes peace is not coincidental.

Olive Trees

This project will need you and God’s help to bring to fruition! From experience we know that agriculture in the planned area is not easy. With the dry heat, the strong desert winds, huge swarms of locusts and the proximity to the Egyptian border. But we see it as a service and support for Israeli farmers. In our case, cooperation with Oren Shalom, who cultivates our vineyard.


Each olive tree sponsored will be tagged with the name of the owner and will have its exact location marked on the grove’s map. The grove will be irrigated during the first three years to help with its establishment. You will receive a certificate, a map indicating the location of your tree and possibly a picture of your tree.

Olive trees
Olive trees