Arabs Have Everything to Gain From Normalization With Israel Sarah Schuman/FLASH90
Middle East

Arabs Have Everything to Gain From Normalization With Israel

Israel, on the other hand, simply does not need the Arabs to survive and thrive.


I am calling on the Arab world to normalize relations with Israel, a move that would be almost entirely to our benefit alone. Israel will gain very little from this in practical terms, while the Arabs stand to gain tremendously. Israel is simply stronger and more stable than the Arab states in almost every way. Even if all our borders were open, you would find almost no Israelis fleeing Tel Aviv for Arab cities, but you would certainly see a flow of people in the opposite direction for the very same reason that so many Arabs seek to emigrate to Europe.

The conflict over the land must be put in perspective. It was originally a Jewish country that was later controlled by a series of conquerors, including the Arab Muslims. These are the true occupiers, and they are fighting to reverse the reestablishment of Jewish sovereignty. Any sane person knows that the Jews are not colonialists in this region, but rather an indigenous people. But we Arabs have grown arrogant to the point of denying all historical records of Jewish...


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