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Did Science Kill God?

The faith of Jews and Christians is under assault like never before amidst our rapid scientific advancements

Battle between science and God
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Will science ever be able to prove, or disprove there is a God? How should Bible believers understand the theory of evolution and the origins of the universe? Was the universe created in 7 days (don’t forget the Sabbath!)? What about the Jewish calendar that marks this year 5781 since creation?

These are some of the more challenging questions facing Jews and Christians that we will discuss on Science and Faith with Rabbi Chaim Eisen this Wednesday live from Jerusalem at 21:00 Israel time.


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Israel Today has embarked on a quest to interview Jewish rabbis, professors, philosophers and scientists to get a better understanding how faith and science, technology and Torah work together in the Jewish world and here in Israel.

We will publish articles and host live interviews with experts, religious leaders and secular thinkers from some of the most prestigious institutions in Israel, like the Weizmann Institute of Science, one of the world’s leading multidisciplinary research institutions in the natural and exact sciences, and Bar Ilan University, one of Israel’s leading institutions of higher education, uniquely combining cutting-edge scientific research with education steeped in Jewish values.


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This Wednesday, March 17th, we are hosting a discussion with Rabbi Chaim Eisen. Rabbi Eisen is a graduate of the Yeshivat Hakotel Theological Seminary in Jerusalem and also studied at Yeshivas Heichal HaTorah BeTzion, also in Jerusalem. He also studied science and general philosophy at Columbia University. Along with his traditional background in religious studies, he holds a degree in biophysics from Columbia, having graduated summa cum laude with membership on the Dean’s List and in the Phi Beta Kappa honor society. He has been teaching, editing, and publishing Judaica professionally for over 37 years.


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Scientific theories like evolution are undermining belief in God. For much of its history, the Church has battled with scientific research that was seen as a threat to biblical faith.

Of all the people on earth, the Jewish people and Judaism have been able to reconcile faith in God with the pursuit of advanced scientific discoveries, and we want to see if we can uncover the secret to their success. We will address this phenomenon with Rabbi Eisen at our live discussion this Wednesday.


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Technology, too, continues to surprise us with unimagined capabilities almost convincing us that the human race is not far from solving every problem.

And yet with all our knowledge, civilization continues its path toward destruction, and we all know it. Unable to learn from history, mankind is rapidly moving toward its predicted and prophesied end.

Western Civilization in all its wisdom has concluded that “God is dead,” or even more chilling, that He never existed. We claim to know the unknown. Mankind has come to believe that we have progressed in our understanding and now “know” that God was just an ancient fable used to explain phenomena that we can now understand through science and human logic. The Bible has been cast onto the ash heap of outdated, irrelevant myths needed only by the “unevolved,” uneducated primitive man.

We have been led to believe that science and rational thinking are improving humanity and we are evolving into a better and improved civilization. We think that because we can understand the forces of gravity, the orbits of the planets and the mystery of DNA, that we can fix our world with knowledge. And yet, we live in despair, fully aware that civilization is fragile, just a nuke, or a war, or a vote away from collapse.

The theories of evolution and the belief that mankind is closer to understanding the source of all life is by far the greatest challenge in the modern world to the faith of Jews and Christians.

The survival of the Jewish people through 4,000 years of civilization stands alone as the single most convincing witness to the reality that the God of Israel is alive and well in the modern age. Not only have they survived, but the Jews prosper and excel in the sciences, humanities and philosophy, even while holding fast to their ancient faith traditions. This also bears witness to the uniqueness and quality of their faith and is why we here at Israel Today are investigating Science and Faith in the Jewish World.


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I leave you with a quote to contemplate from my favorite Rabbi and hope to see you you this Wednesday.

“Science extends rather than limits the scope of the ineffable (the mystery of God), and our radical amazement (at the universe) is enhanced rather than reduced by the advancement of knowledge. The theory of evolution and adaptation of the species does not disenchant the organism of its wonder. Men like Kepler and Newton who have stood face to face with the reality of the infinite would have been unable to coin a phrase about the heavens declaring the glory not of God, but of Kepler and Newton; nor the verse: “Glory to man in the highest! For man is the master of all things.” – Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel in Man is not Alone


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