MembersDoes Becoming Christian Help Arabs to See Israel Differently?

Israel Today speaks with a “Muslim Background Believer” about how Zionism is perceived in the Arab world, especially after one accepts Christ

By Ryan Jones | | Topics: Zionism
What was once a symbol of enmity becomes through faith in Jesus a beacon of hope. Photo: Nati Shohat/Flash90

Zionism has been demonized the world over for centuries. And nowhere more so than in the Arab Muslim world. At the same time, Zionism is rooted in Scripture. It is the human response to Divine promises made to the people of Israel, promises to which non-Jewish Bible-believers also cling.

So what happens when a Muslim, steeped from childhood in an anti-Zionist, antisemitic worldview, becomes a Christian? Commonly known as “Muslim Background Believers,” do these people experience a change of heart regarding not only the Jewish people (to whom their Messiah belongs) but also the movement known as Zionism?

To gain more insight, we spoke to our very own Jordanian correspondent, Rami Dabbas, who was himself born and raised as a Muslim, only to later find the Jewish Messiah and his personal connection to Israel.


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